Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Houseguest

My friends will tell you that vacationing with me can be exhausting. Sometimes I try to cram so many activities into such a short time period that you may just need a vacation from your vacation.

My friend, J, was on her Spring Break and flew in for a few days. Here's a brief summary:

Day 1:
- Pick up J at airport--they've actually lost her luggage!

- Give 5 minute tour of my house.
- Off to dinner!
- The Other Boleyn Girl - Confusing pentagon-shaped headgear.
- Ice cream sundae break!
- Watched "The Lake House" while waiting on J's luggage.
- Awakened at 1:30 am by airport van carrying lonely suitcase.

Day 2:
- Irish pub for breakfast (skipped the green beer since driving)
- Nearly got kicked by an Irish dancer.
- Oh Canada!
- Sampled some Canadian wine.
- Hit major city at rush hour, dined in the sky.
- Turned around and drove back.

Day 3:
- Unrelenting rain.
- J sleeps in and rests while I go to ACLS class .
- Show off my city.
- Drive up for dinner with Army Guy.

- Deposit J back at the airport .

J and I were college roommates, and although our lives have split in different directions from our pre-med days, it was good to catch up with her minus the kids an husband for a few days of just being old friends. For 72 hours, I was 20 again.


ru said...

I'm glad you and J had a good time:)

Chris said...

You were 20 again? I guess it's a good thing they didn't serve you green beer at the irish pub then!