Friday, September 07, 2007

Tug of War

Lately, I have felt pulled in too many directions. I often feel like by remaining neutral at work, I have somehow managed to become everyone's personal emotional dumping grounds. At the same time, I feel guilty about not keeping up with the list of old friends in my head that I need to call and catch up with. I'm trying to be better though, by simply not answering the phone and having some peace and quiet to myself.

Changes since my last post:

-I haven't gone for a run since, and yet I somehow have a 10K to do next weekend.

-I finished my SCUBA lessons and pool time. Now I just have to do my open water dives and I'll be certified.

-I have a new roommate... Ru's great, although I am afraid I haven't had too much free time with her.

-There's a new guy in my life. We've had three dates and I still like him.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Running is a part of my final exam for my black belt in May and I haven't even bought running shoes to start training for it yet (eek!)

Glad the roomie front is going well, but I have the best roomies in the world (sticking tongue out saying nya nya na nya nya, LOL)

Ok...everytime you mention scuba, I keep thinking of that scene from Along Came Polly with the naked guy walking up to them - "You like SCUBA?".

A new beau? Excellent! He's not your SCUBA instructor is he? (joking).

I know you are very busy but it sounds like a GREAT very busy. Enjoy it!