Monday, September 24, 2007

Queen Bee

Somewhere along the way, I am sure that I have mentioned Aunt Ruth. Aunt Ruth has been the head of my mother's side of the family for the past six years since my grandparents both passed away. She is the reason the family still gets together once a year in the summertime.

Aunt Ruth is 104 years old. She was driving and living in her own two-story brick home until she was 99. She knows exactly who is in charge, and she doesn't let you forget it.

This past weekend she fell in her apartment and broke a hip. We were afraid that given her age, no surgeon would want to touch her, and she'd be confined to her bed. However, my mother told me last night that they operated on her yesterday and expected her to be back on her feet TODAY. She must have just needed some minor pinning rather than actual joint replacement, but I still can't believe they operated on her.

Just a couple of weeks ago, she was giving her visiting nurse Hell because a state inspector came through the facility and insisted that she had to have someone dispense her medications for her because of her age. I think that this was a wise decision because last year she had some problems when she mis-dosed her meds... and then there was the episode of setting off all the smoke detectors on her floor when she forgot about some prunes that she left boiling on the stove.

Aunt Ruth is ticked off though, as "I don't want any govenment making decisions about my healthcare." So now there is a long recovery road ahead of her, and all I can say is good luck to her nurses!


ru said...

Maybe her friend from the elevator can come and visit her; I mean she is Republican, right?

Chris said...

Aunt Ruth rocks! My great uncle Jimmie was still mowing his own lawn in his 90s.