Monday, September 10, 2007

Zoology Crash Course

Up late tonight finishing up a computer training module on animal research.

Here are three things I learned:

1.-Pick the least sentient animal that's appropriate for your study... this makes more sense as it makes the work more acceptable to the public and all those involved.

2.-It's important that researchers get vaccinated so that they don't infect the monkeys with things that can crossover like tuberculosis.

3.-Rabbits and rodents have some sort of weird esophageal anatomy that make it impossible for them to vomit, therefore it is not necessary to make them fast before surgery to prevent aspiration.

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~~Silk said...

Wow. Didn't know that. So if a rat eats something that could make him sick (Hmmm, does such a thing even exist?) he can't get rid of it by throwing up? Explains a lot. I wonder if rat systems are more efficient at clearing poisons?