Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tiny Hearts

Yesterday there was a Harlem Globetrotter on the floor. I think he was there to cheer up the kids, but I didn't see him do any tricks. We have quite a few malnourished infants in the nursery, so the nurses took a bunch of pictures of him holding some of our littlest ones. One of my kids is only about 5 lbs even though she's 3 months old, so she was smaller than the basketball!

It snowed about 10 inches overnight and another 4 since I cleared the driveway this morning. Conference was canceled today, so I unexpectedly got a day off. Mainly I've just been lounging around. I tried removing some of the wallpaper from the guest room, but it's a much bigger project than I had figured on. I tried scoring it first and then applying a chemical spray, but it just doesn't come off in large pieces. This may be because the previous owner painted over the wallpaper, so it's kind of thick and unyielding. I tried also steaming it with an iron, but my iron only steams when it is horizontal, so that doesn't work. The plan is to get all of the wallpaper off this winter so I am all ready to paint when the weather's warmer.

It's nice that I ended up with the day off because I have another 24-hour day tomorrow. Hopefully, the weather will discourage too many people from coming or going.

I don't really know what to do with the entry labels. I can't imagine that my entries would be anything that anyone would be looking for by topic.


~~Silk said...

I've got some titles like "This is a Title". They are useful with Bloglines - you click on the title and it gets you that one entry.

ru said...

i like how one of your entry labels is "wallpaper". it makes me smile. why is it that wallpaper is so annoying. bleah--i hate wallpaper.

Chris said...

Wallpaper sucks. We had to remove it in a 12 x12 master bath with high ceilings and a water closet. We tried the same tricks you are with about the same result. The best thing that worked for me was one of those retractable window scrapers that uses a razor blade.

I think all of us bloggers should have a contest for who can come up with the most obscure label/tag during February.

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