Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not Exactly a Snow Bunny

I went downhill skiing with some friends today. I don't know how to ski. Apparently, it's not something that you can just slide off a lift chair and take to naturally. At least I can't. I attempted skiing once two years ago. This time I thought I would be better prepared as my friend said that he used to work as a ski instructor. He forgot to mention that he doesn't believe in bunny hills. We went straight to the trails. He and his wife coasted downhill with ease. And then there was me...

I don't mind falling. It is the getting back up part that stinks. I have improved greatly in my turning techniques, however I still get really scared any time I start to pick up some speed. Snow plowing down a slope takes a lot of muscle work. Scissoring back and forth across the mountain rather than down is a LOT slower.

And my friend? While his wife and I enjoyed a quick lunch at the lodge, he checked out all of the other trails and decided that they weren't anywhere near as tough as the standards he was used to. Next, he took us on a blue square trail... and then a black diamond trail. The falling didn't really seem to let up any.

After three runs, I was toast. My legs were quivering and my left knee is sore from the time I veered off the course into the powder and buried myself. It is really, really hard to stand back up again. I think that people who are good at downhill skiing probably don't get much of a workout. As for me, I will definitely be taking the elevator tomorrow as the stairs just might kill me. Apparently, there were perfect conditions today: lots of fresh snow, no ice.

The good thing about finishing up before your friends is you can sit in the lounge and sip something lovely called a SoCo Cocoa... which involves hot chocolate and quite a bit of Southern Comfort. They want to go again next weekend, but I have a feeling I will still be limping around then.


Chris G said...

Take two SoCo Cocoas and call your orthopedic in the morning.... :)

ru said...

I should learn to ski, but to be perfectly honest, I have this fear of falling that shows up in the oddest places, generally when I'm on top of a tall place staring down. It's not a fear of heights, it's more of a fear of descent, and the drama that usually attends it. I really should try it sometime though, right? I won't die, will I? :)

~~Silk said...

If you like hiking, you'd probably love cross country (Nordic) skiing. I highly recommend it. It's a workout, and "on your bottom" is a perfectly acceptable way to stop or slow down. Easier to get back on your feet, too. Compared to Nordic, downhill is repetitive and boring.

(I have to wonder about a "ski instructor" who takes a tyro on a black diamond trail. He should review his safety rules. You're lucky you didn't rip up your knees.)