Saturday, February 17, 2007

Roses, Bagpipes, and Sloppy Kisses

Last night was really bizarre. McNeedy recently broke up with her boyfriend as did another random coworker. They both descended on me, wanting to go out to drown their sorrows. I threw on a bulky sweatshirt, offered to be their designated driver, and geared myself up for a night of adult-sitting.

I am not a regular bar-goer, so I drove us to the one bar in town that I am familiar with. We secured ourselves seats at the bar, and McNeedy began talking up the bartender/manager. She was rewarded with a free beer. A stranger sidled up to us, and began chatting us up. I sat between my two bitter companions. The bartender decided that I was "the Boss" of the group and started to get friendly with me. He helped us dispose of the creepy stranger, and tracked down drunken Coworker #2 when she wandered off to dance at a nearby club.

The bartender, who had also been drinking the entire night, came out from behind the bar. He bought me a rose from a flower vender and we were serenaded by a random friend of his who came in with a set of bagpipes. McNeedy and Coworker #2 continued to get sloppy. The bartender kept checking up on us throughout the night, and he stealth-kissed me a couple of times. Then he said something about me being to much of a worrier, and how he was going to give me something to take home and smoke later to relax! I declined.

Finally, Coworker #2 stumbled back in and we closed our tab. McNeedy settled up, and bragged about how her flirting had gotten us a much lower bill. Meanwhile, the bartender slipped me he phone numbers and tried to arrange to meet me in the ally to "give me something for the road." By this point, McNeedy was puking and Coworker #2 was in tears. I tried to find the guy on the street to decline his stash yet again, but couldn't find him. Everyone got home safe, but I don't think I'll be going out with the girls anytime soon... not to mention returning to that bar! The guy was witty enough when he was sober, but I'm not going to call him. The bad thing is that people in our department sometimes head there with attendings after a busy shift to hang out. Hopefully my name doesn't come up.


Despite getting home close to 2 am, I was up by 8 this morning. I immediately paged my one normal friend in town and demanded that he take me to breakfast, so I could yell at him for not being available to go out with us last night.

We went to an indoor driving range and hit golf balls for a while. I'm not very good, and actually had not touched a club in years. It was fun, especially as it was in an tent-like dome. If you hit the ceiling hard enough, large chunks of ice would loosen and slide down the opaque parachute material with a crash. Afterwards, the day was killed with watching movies and eating too much at dinner. I guess I'm not a very exciting girl. I would much rather have a calm day like today than the mess of last night.


ru said...

do you ever feel like the only sane one? soory (canadianese) about mcneedy. glad that mr sane was there 4 u. man, i feel sick.

ru said...

was the bagpiper as hot as the seattle one? did he have a stolen umbrella?

Chris said...

It sounds like you and Alexis have been living the same role lately. She has been "babysitting" a 43 y/o friend/neighbor who is "depressed" but spends her time hanging out with 20 somethings (no offense;) at bars. She has dragged Alexis along on a few occassions as a driver and this sounds like one of their nights.

Actually, I think you have an interesting life. Don't knock yourself as "not very exciting". If you are doing what excites you, than that is exciting, ya know?

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Chris said...

Just had a bad thought. Did the bagpiper show up after said bartender was hittin' on you? If so, I envision the bartender on the phone in the back...

"Hey Bob? Yeah it's me. Listen, I got a hot one over her. Bring your bagpipes over, aight? It's time for Operation Whats Under My Kilt!"

:) I could just see the bartender using that as a set up like the pilots did in TopGun.

Kate said...

Seduction via bagpipes? That should get some points for creativity.

laura said...

you should take mc needy to mcfeely in walla walla washington