Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I just upgraded to the new version of Blogger... not because I wanted to, but because it was becoming too difficult to not switch and figure out how to continue to log in. Sorry if this is creating any problems with viewing or receiving updates, but it didn't seem like I could avoid it anymore. And thanks to those who have continued to stop by in spite of my lack of posting.

My parents left on Sunday morning. It was good to see them, although this time I was kind of at a loss for things to do with them given the weather. Currently, it's 4 degrees outside. I have been using my snow thrower pretty regularly, and can no longer leave the house without gloves and several layers of clothing.

I do take some comfort in the fact that the sun is now setting after 5 o'clock.

Since my last entry, I have started a rotation in pediatrics. I was on for a 24-hour shift yesterday, which I think is a rather rude way to introduce someone to a new floor. However, it wasn't that bad as I was on with a good senior resident. The floor is somewhat depressing, as there are some very sick children there with a couple of them having been victims of severe abuse. One had to have surgery after being stomped on, while the other's mother was caught putting water into a patient's tracheostomy collar in the hospital, thereby directly filling his little lungs with fluid.

There are good things too, such as examining playful infants, but I have a feeling I'm going to be at least a little down-spirited by the end of this four weeks. One good thing is that this is the last rotation of the year for me when I'll be taking 24-hour call. Our program only incorporates one month of call into the 2nd year and none in the 3rd year, so in a way, this month's kind of a milestone as far as sleeping in cold rooms with institutional sheets goes.


~~Silk said...

If you have a bookmark to go to the dashboard, you'll need to delete the old one (www.) and create a new bookmark (www2.) They don't tell you that. Www. will still get you transfered to www2., but some functions don't work if you don't go directly.

It hadn't occurred to me that pediatrics could be worse than ER. Hang in there. Vent here.

ru said...

That's one reason I'm afraid of working in a public school. That makes me so sad:(

So, are you telling me overnighters are not as sexy as the ones on Grey's Anatomy?

ru said...

I started reading that diary book again.I'm about halfway through. sad stories in there. I'm glad that your house is roach free and you don't work 100+ hours.