Monday, January 08, 2007

Wild, Wild, Northeast

The wind has been angry my friends. Over the past few nights as I lie in my bed, it whips around the corners of my bedroom, whistling and screaming. It blows hard enough to rattle the outer storm windows of the house. It still has been much warmer than normal this time of year, however at night the beast comes out, huffing and puffing out frigid air. Winter is coming soon, there's no mistake about it.

Tonight, as I pulled onto my street, I saw a familiar site at the edge of my headlights' reach. It was the rolling bounce of a plant tumbling across my lane. I was reminded of the occasional tumbleweeds one could see on long drives across the desert back home. Then I noticed the glints of silver. This was no weed, it was someone's old Christmas tree!


Sarah said...

Wow! It had to be pretty windy for a Christmas tree to be blowing in the wind. That's great! You can have our winter, by the way, I am done with it. :)

ru said...

Sounds like our weather is moving across the country, getting worse as it goes.