Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cleaning Out the Inbox

I put myself into a bit of a predicament this week by getting incredibly behind on my dictations. I think I am just about caught up now, with the exception of three left over from today. There's always a push to get people seen, and keep the flow moving. However, at the same time, when I look back I wonder about what I'm missing. My stuff all gets reviewed by an attending, and sometimes a senior resident, but afterall we are all just a little distracted.

Learning on the job is fun. Today I helped put a dislocated shoulder back in place. I also spent a good amount of time getting a thorough history from a patient, but she still ended up surprising me. Despite having a recent period and using two forms of birth control, when I happened to place an ultrasound probe on her belly I found that she didn't have urinary retention, she had a 19-week fetus in her uterus!


ru said...

That would explain a lot!

ru said...

That would explain a lot!

ru said...
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Chris said...

Those issues always amaze me. I just can't see how you get that far into a pregnancy and NOT know it.

I had to giggle over House this week though, when he had to work the clinic and treat everyones "colds" (from STD's to some guy requesting a "digital examination" to stop hiccoughs).

Do you get a lot of that? Patients presenting one thing and then near the end of the exam, "Oh yeah, there's this other thing" which turns out to be what they really came from.

Have a great weekend!
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