Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sleeping With the Enemy

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep. Partly because my circadian rhythm is all screwed up, and partly because there was a stranger in my bedroom. This little bastard kept buzzing all over the place, and no matter how many times I swung at it, I couldn't catch him.

For some reason, he kept returning to rest on the lamp by my bed in spite of having access to the entire room. My natural reaction was to get pissed off at the stupid insect for buzzing all about, and then I thought about what I remembered about flies: they have a really short life span. Maybe he was frustrated with the fact that he couldn't find a mate, and had but minutes/hours left in his small, tiny life. Maybe he decided to spend his last breaths frantically trying to find his destiny rather than waiting for life to come to him. And maybe, just maybe I need to get more sleep.


ru said...

Ah, the birth of a new branch of psychology, wherein one's state of existence can be paralleled to the common housefly.

I can see the self-help books for it now. . . .
Fly Toward Your Dreams
Flies of Fancy
Fly Away Home

ru said...

The top picture makes a fly look beautiful. You should submit it to a magazine.

ru said...

LOL --> "Craps is more bun." You need more sleep.

RYC: I have no idea how to play craps. Is it where you call out a number + Black or Red? No, that's roulette. I think it has to do with dice, huh?
LOL --> "Craps is more bun." You need more sleep.

Laura said...

gaaaahhh!!!! I feel your pain!
I just recently took on a new job at a new hospital doing 12 hour nights....I love it for various reasons but I just can't sleep on my days problem sleeping during the day on my nights on but my body just can't seem to switch like it did 5 years ago when I last worked nights.
Found you by way of Chris.