Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Louse-y Time in New Mexico

I have been a little busy lately. The packing continued throughout last week. On Friday, “The Phoenix” and her father came by in the evening and were very kind in helping me organize and secure all of the heavy items into the Penske truck that I had picked up that morning. They were also kind enough to stick around and force me to load all of the boxes that I had packed into the truck.

On Saturday, I met up with family for an early Father’s Day lunch, and said my goodbyes. Then I hurried home to finish up packing my room before Ru came over. We finished loading up the truck, and she “supervised” the hooking up of the car carrier to the truck and attaching my car. I now can add car carrier attachment and detachment to my list of marketable skills!

Here’s a picture of the truck I rented and am driving across the country with my car in tow:

Driving the truck itself is not too hard, as it is not all that much longer than the ambulance I used to race around town. The car carrier adds a whole new level of difficulty, and has lead to some interesting parking situations:

Ru and I left Arizona early Sunday morning, and have been driving like madwomen. The first night we spent in Bernalillo, New Mexico about a half hour north of Albuquerque. We stayed at a cheap motel chain, and I guess poor Ru suffered the consequences. I did an online tutorial for my residency program at the motel, and everything the night before had seemed to go well enough. However, when we were getting ready to leave the next morning, Ru noticed a small, creepy-crawly thing on her comb. Uh-oh. Almost an hour later, after a quick trip to a drugstore and several shampoos for Ru, we were on our way. She told the front desk clerk what had happened, but all they said was, “Hmm, well that’s weird!”

After our late start, we stopped for the night at Colorado Springs, to spend the night with some friends of Ru’s. They took us to Garden of the Gods, and we walked around. It was really pretty, but stupid me, I forgot my camera.

Oh yeah, both New Mexico and Colorado were on fire at different points of our trip:

This morning we headed out early, and managed to log over 700 miles today and have made it to Missouri. We’re tired, and I can’t speak for Ru, but my butt is numb, and I believe adapting a somewhat flatter form from all of the sitting.

Friday is closing day on my house, and so far we’re on track.


ru said...

Did you see any hermaphrodites on your trip?

ru said...

Don't forget: if you want to litter, do so in New Mexico--it's way cheaper to pay the fine. Or you might be able to get off easy with a 10 dollar fine in Kansas. But it's a whopping $1000 in Colorado. Those hippies!

Phoenix said...

ER was on this AM and I thought of you.
Phoenix keeps getting lonelier the
farther away you drive!!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how cool the friends in CO are! :)

Chris said...

OMG, Alexis would absolutely FREAK OUT!. She can't stand the THOUGHT of lice. She has insisted for 13 years that she has lice at various times yet she never has. I might be cruel and forward this entry to her, LOL.