Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking Up

Currently, I am feeling rather content with myself.
  • Downstairs, there are BBQ ribs slowly cooking and tenderizing in the crockpot, releasing a wonderfully spicy smell.

  • My legs and butt are giving off small, painful protestations about how they have spent the last two days at the gym every time I sit down or climb stairs.

  • AG has been home for almost two weeks now, and it is starting to feel more like our life rather than my life.

  • A white envelope arrived in the mail two days ago, and... I PASSED MY BOARD EXAM!
Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of things to worry about... the wedding planning I have been dodging lately, oral board exams now that the written component is finished, and a project that I can only refer to as: The 3rd Bedroom, and all of its messiness. But for now, I am enjoying the moment.


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ru said...

Enjoy the contentment. It's been a long time coming :)

~~Silk said...

Hey, Lady! What's happening? We miss you.