Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Death By Powerpoint

Last week I went through a five-day board prep course. A few of my classmates from residency and I flew out to the Midwest and camped out in a hotel. We endured 50 lecture hours over 5 days! I had forgotten how painful it can be to spend so much time in a lecture hall, and haven't slugged down that much caffeine in a long time. A couple of my classmates from medical school were there as well, although no one that I keep in touch with.

The course itself was pretty thorough. Some of the lectures were interesting, while others weren't really geared to board review. In addition to attending the lectures and following along with the provided notes and daily quizzes, lectures were continually run on one of the TV channels in the hotel rooms. There were also a couple of rooms upstairs that were filled with x-rays and images to quiz yourself on.

The first couple of days were a little overwhelming, but by the end of it, I feel like I had been given enough material. Very little of it was new, but there are a few areas like hemotologic disorders, derm stuff, and random neuro findings I need to focus in on to pick up a few points here and there. The majority of first-time test takers pass the exam, but it is pretty expensive and only offered once a year, so I would like to not repeat the experience if at all possible. Board certification in Emergency Medicine is a two-step process. The second part involves an oral exam that you only get "invited" to take once you pass the written part. After that, there's just some continuing education stuff to keep up with, and recertification isn't for another 10 years.

AG finally gets to come home for his "mid-leave" break in just a few days, and so my plan is to just relax during his leave. Afterwards, I have about a month after he leaves before the exam, so that will be the time to hunker down and really get back into studying.


~~Silk said...

Ah. You make me appreciate retirement! I don't have to know ANYTHING.

ru said...

Sounds like an exhausting, but edifying way to spend a week.
Glad that AG will be home soon.