Thursday, September 17, 2009

An Unlikely Patriot

I have been well-intentioned about updating more regularly, but this last week has been hell. Now that I am done with residency, there is no protective 80-hour work week restriction. So far, my shifts had been scattered here and there, but due to a number of trades I did to accommodate my partners and my leaving town for a board review course, I somehow ended up doing 8 shifts in 9 days (at all different hours) logging in over 96 hours. Welcome to the real world, baby girl. There was some interesting stuff scattered in here and there and I'm now scrambling to remember it.

Just after Patriot Day, a paranoid schizophrenic showed up at the main gate on base. He wanted to borrow a bulldozer because he knew where Osama Bin Laden was, and he wanted to "corner him with a bulldozer." I'm not sure why he drove several hours to get a bulldozer from the base when there were probably several closer to his residence, or why wouldn't want something with more oomph like a tank, but I suppose he was well-intentioned. I imagine he is still inpatient somewhere, and as for Osama, he's probably on the loose again.

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