Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Sick Sense of Humor is Mandatory

So, "the other day" I saw this guy that had amputated his right ring finger. He had somehow crushed it at work and literally pulled the end off when he pulled it out from where it was smashed. He showed up accompanied by a leather glove in a Ziplock bag full of ice.

After I checked out his stumpy finger and saw the bone sticking out of the end of it, I wanted to look and see how the detached part looked. So, I took the glove over to the sink and proceeded to examine it... but not before plugging the drain as I have a bumbling co-worker who had the misfortune of dropping someone's tooth down the sink last year! Sure enough, I could feel something squishy at the fingertip end of the glove. I tried shaking the glove out, but the severed finger would not come out.

Here comes the punchline: At that point, I told the patient I wanted to cut off the end of the glove to get his finger out, but not before asking him if he cared, or was "attached to the glove!" Sometimes, I crack myself up!

Unfortunately, the detached skin was too soggy and devitalized to salvage (don't put things directly on ice) so I think we just threw it out. And, if you have seen Michael Moore's new flick, "Sicko" then you already know where unsalvaged fingers go...


Chris said...

Ugh! When I was 11 or 12, I was helping my dad and his friend load 8 foot logs onto a stake bodied truck. One log slid, pinching friend's gloved hand against the metal stake holder of the truck bed. You guessed it....he said it really hurt then took the glove off, minus one finger. UGHHHHH!

We spent the rest of the day at a rural hospital in Palatka FL.

But I don't recall that doctor being hilarious like you were. Did you laugh out loud or was it internal?

Kate said...

Out loud... which in hindsight, I guess was a little insensitive.