Sunday, August 12, 2007

In My Humble Opinion

Granted I am a wee bit short in the experience department, but in my opinion, if you manage to present with a broken neck, femur, and wrist, and still have the stamina to give me a "Come Hither" look after your sedation and dislocation reduction in the trauma bay, you are probably going to be just fine.

Although I suppose this was before the orthopods took a power drill to his tibia, shoved a rod through it, and left him with weights dangling off the bed... sometimes leeches and bloodletting don't sound like such crazy ideas.

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Chris said...

Uh oh....Dr. Kate is getting the patients all hot n bothered. No more make up for you :)

I know I asked you before about guys being intimidated by the fact you are a doctor but this just made me realize it could work the other way too. weren't implying leeches or bloodletting to reduce any "non-injury related swelling" were you? Ouch....I'm running away!