Sunday, July 01, 2007

Clearing My Head

I don't know what it is about being near water, but it is always very soothing for me. Yesterday I ran by the lake again... granted it is a polluted lake and when the wind blows just so, there it this odd, almost metallic smell to it.

Just the same though, I like running under an old signal bridge, and along the water. The slow, gentle ripples are the one thing moving slower than me as I doggedly jog along, being passed by roller bladers in their fluorescent shorts and bicyclists with their aerodynamic helmets and spandex.

Speedboats cruise back and forth, painting white lines in the glassy water.

The geese are gone today, but along the water are ducks lined up in a row, and every now and again I spot a robin in the grass.

As I plod along, a wee girl with pigtails paces me on her purple tricycle. For a minute, it is her and I-- neck and neck, until her mother calls her back.


Eleanor said...

great blog!

Chris said...

As a cyclist...lemme give you a hint the next time tricycle girl tries to pass you....toss a stick into the spokes of her front wheel:)

What? Am I the ONLY one thinking that?