Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This One's for the Children...

Give 'em all a hand folks, those little $&#*@#! have struck again. Halfway through my shift I noticed my throat was on fire, then my ears started popping, and then the sniffles hit in waves every time I tried to dictate a chart.

I guess given all the "viral syndromes" I have diagnosed in the past week I had it coming.

And just so you know, nothing makes me crankier than seeing patients who are obviously less sick than I am. Where's MY Lortab Elixir? Where's MY excuse from work? No one is handing ME popsicles and stroking my hair!

Considering the gastroenteritis and pink eye from my peds month on the wards, I think it is clear who is winning.

Children: 3 Kate: 0


~~Silk said...

Poor Kate. (Please excuse my giggles.)

ru said...

I have grown to love the smell of Clorox.

Chris said...

Go for revenge. I thing you should prescribe every one of those kids with castor oil treatments and massive doses of laxatives :)

Happy Mother's Day!
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