Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Play Ball!

I just got back from playing softball. We have a team composed of residents, department nurses, and spouses. And we are horrible. The game got called in the fifth inning because the other team was so far ahead. I did manage to bat a run in, and the other time I struck out. I ended up being the catcher, a position that I find scary since we don't have masks or helmets. Our original catcher got clocked in the face by a over-aggressive runner and ended up with a cut below her eye. She probably will have a nasty bruise tomorrow. The good thing about being a catcher is all of the squatting probably is a good butt workout. The bad thing is that you get hit in the shins by bouncing softballs a lot. At least I do.

A few hours before the game I went for a 4-mile run... and rewarded myself with a sundae for dinner. With all of the night shifts lately and weekend activities my running has kind of fallen by the wayside. This is unfortunate as that 10K is rapidly approaching. It most definitely will be a run/walk event for me.


The Phoenix said...

Was it crazy that got hit??

ru said...

I remember playing softball in junior high and being so bored. I was not that great at most of the things involved in playing. But now i think I would like to join some team, softball or perhaps soccer.

Chris said...

Someone ran over a girl catcher? That is so lame. If you want serious competition, don't play in a rec league. Yes you are there to win, but it's not the freakin' major league folks. You are here to have fun, not hurt people.