Thursday, May 17, 2007

No Complaints

Because I do a lot of complaining, here is an entry in which I do not.

Last night was perfect. We had a great combination of residents. Everyone picked up charts as soon as they were in the rack, so the patients didn't have any wait time. The "Big Guy" was on, and he is notorious for flying through patients, so people actually got seen, evaluated, and discharged home in a timely fashion.

I am still working on the pediatric side, and every patient I saw had some combination of fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, and/or diarrhea. It was like directing traffic: go home, go home, go home, and you-- you have to stay.

I was supposed to stay until 2 am, but by then, things were so under control that the attending was letting one of the senior residents leave early. There were a group of residents heading out for a drink from the adult side, and my buddy came over and asked the attending if there was "anyone else he wanted to get rid of." So I got to leave, too.

So I really can't top a night of efficiency, followed by an early release, and social hour with my buddies. I think I was long overdue for a shift without problems after some of the stuff I have been dealing with lately.


ru said...

LOVE the tulips.
LOVE the good news.
LOVE you.

Chris said...

I've got diarrhea.....can I go home too? ha ha

Glad you had a smooth night....calm before the weekend storm perhaps?