Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Distance to Here

Well, so much for regular updates. Life has been a little complex lately. AG (Army Guy) and I have been married just short of four months now. We had about a month together after the wedding, but the last three months we have been apart. I suppose that it is not the most conventional arrangement, but we are making it work.

Basically, AG is at a point in his military career where he had to attend a six-month long officer course. AG was able to transfer out of the infantry and into an intelligence position upon redeploying from Afghanistan. We had talked about it a lot, and with his unit already slated to go back to Afghanistan in April, it just seemed like too much. The plan is for him to transition to his new base after completing the career course. I was still under contract with my EM group when he started the course. It also didn't make sense for me to apply for a state license and a position for six months or less, so I have just stayed on with my group.

Unlike his time at remote bases in Afghanistan, we have been able to communicate regularly by email, daily phone calls, and Skype. We made a road trip of driving him out West, and set him up with enough linens, kitchen supplies, and clothing to live comfortably with. My group at the hospital has been really supportive, and I have been working a compressed schedule. I still do full-time hours, but squeeze a month's worth of shifts into a 2.5-3 week period to accommodate me visiting AG for a week at a time, once a month. I won't say that it isn't tiring. I have been trying to revamp my exercise habits, but most of the time, I am just too tired after work. It has also been an expensive arrangement, between paying for rent and utilities in two locations, and monthly flights. In the end though, we have both decided that it is worth the expense to keep our marriage strong.

Currently, I am out visiting. I have been trying to be productive: doing job searches, applying for a medical license in a new state, but to be honest-- there's also been a lot of daytime TV watching and lounging around. Things were hectic for a bit when we were thinking he was going to start at the new base in January, but now it looks like nothing will happen until next spring.

This time around, I am taking my job search a lot more seriously. My current job I pretty much just walked into, but this time there are recruiters and job postings to try and decipher. It is also more serious as we are looking at spending the next 15 years or so in this next location, so I need to find a job that's a good match. I think that we both have a lot of exciting changes to look forward to, but it does kind of seem like we are currently in limbo.

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~~Silk said...

In a few years you'll look back on this as an intense time, wonder how you ever managed it, and be very proud that you did.

...and then feel very old because you'll think you can't do it any more.