Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eat Your Greens

I was talking with my mother the other day and she was telling me about some new sort of lettuce-type plant that she was growing in her garden. She couldn't remember the name of it, me- something or other. Jokingly, I asked her if it was mescaline, which she thought it might be, but clearly that is not it. Although that would make it more interesting when the javelina raided her garden.
As for working the overnight after St. Patrick's day, it wasn't too bad. I was expecting all sorts of drunks and injuries, but surprisingly, there wasn't a whole lot. We were busy all night long, and I had some very sick patients, and for some reason there were people who in the waiting room all night for little things like rashes and sore throats, but it wasn't the drunkfest I was expecting.

1 comment:

ru said...

The thought of your parents sitting down to a nice meal of mescaline makes me giggle.

Perhaps the green dye dilutes the potency of the beer? Just a thought.