Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You Don't Know D _ _ _

The PICU is running at about half-capacity this week. As a result, we had the Inauguration coverage playing live on the television in Room 1. There were about a half a dozen of us clustered together in there at one point, when suddenly--

"Who's the guy in the wheelchair?" a lone voice questioned.

"That's Dick Cheney, he strained his back packing, or something." I said.

"Who's Dick Cheney?" she asked.

"Only the current Vice President, who's been in office for eight years." scoffed my attending.

"Dick Cheney, you know the guy who shot some guy in the face while he was out turkey hunting," a nurse chimed in. (Well, at least she was sort of right.)

"Oh yeah, that guy... Huh, I guess I've never seen him before," she said, defensively.

There was kind of a long, awkward pause and then people started guessing who Nancy Pelosi was. To their credit, they did recognize Steven Spielburg...


ru said...

I haven't had TV for years and yet I know what Cheney looks like. Or rather, I know what his impersonator on SNL looks like :)

Sydney said...

WOW -- how could someone not know this? Scary!