Thursday, July 24, 2008

Striking Out

Thankfully, with July has come the end of the workplace softball season. I think we actually ended up forfeiting the last two games due to lack of interest. Unlike the record number of injuries last year (my eye, a broken nose, and a broken HAND) for slow-pitch softball, this year's injuries were pretty tame. One of my co-workers dislocated his knee, and another one strained an already bad shoulder, but that was pretty much it.

I was somehow elected team catcher again, despite any actual talent. I did wear a mask at all games as Army Guy declared there would be no dating in public if I managed to bang up my face again. Unfortunately, due to scheduling difficulties, I was available to play almost every single game.

Most of the games were mercy-ruled. We did actually win one game, but it was because the other team had to forfeit when one of their teammates had a seizure as she was standing at first base. At the time of the forfeit, they were already creaming us 6-0 in spite of already taking an automatic out in the lineup for not having enough female players.

A few of us have suggested that next year, we just meet weekly for beer, and forget about this whole softball mess beforehand. Maybe we'll have a bowling team, or better yet, darts-- that would at least make for more interesting injuries!


Anonymous said...

Your team sounds like the Seattle Mariners . . .

Chris said...

"Unfortunately, due to scheduling difficulties, I was available to play almost every single game."

That is the funniest thing I've read all day, K. Love your suggestions for next year too!

If you really want to mess with AG, put the mask on and start quoting Hannibal Lechter quotes from Silence of the Lambs :)