Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lost in Translation

I finally got all of my holiday shopping and even mailed all of the packages. It actually wasn 't too difficult this year as my immediate family makes use of Amazon's wish list feature.

I was in Macy's today, trying to use up a $15 off on $50 worth of purchases coupon, and had picked up just enough stuff to meet the spending requirement (60% off flannel sheets and a sturdier spatula to replace the one I melted last week). The clerk at the counter was very confused by the card.

Clerk: This says it's good on your NEXT Macy's purchase.

Me: Right, I got it in the mail last week. This IS my NEXT Macy's purchase.

Clerk: Oh. Hmm... will you be charging this to your Macy's card?

Me: No, Mastercard.

Clerk: You have to use your Macy's card.

Me: I don't HAVE a Macy's card. Why would you send me a coupon to be used with a card I don't have?

Clerk: Oh. Wouldn't you rather spend $100 and get $25 off? (referring to an attached coupon)

Me: Why would I want to spend more to save less?

Clerk: You would save more... $25 instead of $15.

Me: Right, but that's a smaller PERCENTAGE.

Clerk: What?

Me: Nevermind. How about I pay cash?

She finally credited the coupon, but it was a bit more painful process than I had expected. I guess I was just surprised it was difficult to use an actual coupon when just earlier at a sporting goods store, I said something about there being a sign that the item I was buying was marked $10 off and they just subtracted the amount without even verifying it.


Chris said...

You should have made this post twice as long and I would have left 1.5 comments.

ru said...

^ LOL. I'm glad your shopping is done. It sounds like the crowds aren't the only stressful part of the holiday season ;)