Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home for the Holiday

Tomorrow I fly back home for a few days. The visit will be very short, but it will be good to be home for Christmas. I haven't seen my younger brother since he left for Kenya over 2.5 years ago. It will be nice to have a few days of warmer weather, too. I am a little nervous about the flight back here, as I work the overnight shift. I gave myself a four-hour gap between my arrival time and the start of my shift, but with the way the weather is around here, you can never be sure that a flight won't get altogether cancelled. At least I know the flight out of Arizona won't be a problem, it's always the small connector flights that are the problem.

I also just saw Army Guy for what will be the last time for several months. He went home to see his family. However, immediately after the break, he heads down to Georgia for Army Ranger training. Army Ranger school, if one passes each phase on the first try, takes about three months. Three months of being out in the field, being pushed to the limit physically, without access to a phone or the internet. Bleh. He does get a few hours here and there in between phases, but it isn't like we know when those will be, or what my work schedule will be like. I am happy for him as he has been wanting to do this since he joined the Army last year. And, I really can't complain at all about it, as originally he was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan for 15 months next fall, and that has been cancelled indefinitely. It's just a long time to go without communicating with someone. I suppose it will be a good period of time to throw myself back into my workouts, reading up on educational stuff, and maybe even getting some projects done around the house. I do wish that I was better at saying goodbye. I kind of just tend to avoid it until the very last minute. And then it is probably not very romantic to send someone off with warnings to keep their feet dry and change their socks often so that they don't lose any toes. Sigh. Wordsmith, I am not.

Merry Christmas!


Chris said...

I hope that you and Army Guy get to talk much more than you think. I know it is tough. My first very serious relationship (5 years) had half of that time with us 360 miles apart as teenagers. It was very trying but there was still a lot of good to it.

Have a great trip back home. And remember....change your socks often!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! & Fabulous Festivus;)


ru said...

I am so glad that you are able to visit home for the holidays. I'm slightly jealous :) Well, not that much . . . .
As to the long distance relationship, it will work out I think. He seems like the kind of guy worth keeping in touch with.

I hope the new year brings lots of pleasant surprises for you. Merry Christmas, K. I miss you.

ps. I saved one present from you to open and opened the calendar early. Thanks for the chronology keeper.It's the perfect size. Now, if I will only use it . . . .