Thursday, November 29, 2007

So Sleepy

Ru moved out yesterday morning... onwards towards colder lands and her pursuit of writing. The house seemed strangely quiet when I got home from work this afternoon. It was good having her here, and when I think of her stay, I'll remember being reintroduced to Nutella and graham crackers, Mexican hot chocolate (it has cinnamon in it!), and her showing me how fold origami cranes while I complained about my daily frustrations.

Today it has been a great struggle to stay awake. I went to a hospital recruiting dinner last night with some of the other residents, and getting home after midnight made today's early rounds particularly painful. Tomorrow is another day of being on-call, so I'm definitely laying low tonight.


ru said...

Comment from the little one after hearing his aunt worked at the hospital at night: But when does she sleep?

I wish you peaceful slumber and wakeful days with the companionship of Nutella to brighten them:)

Chris said...

We'll have to show you how to make a chicken out of a cloth napkin one day. In the mean time, go to sleep!