Saturday, November 17, 2007


It is after 2 am and I just got home. My shift ended at midnight, but I ended up staying late to do some last minute stuff, and to sew up somebody's face. I am tired, and I left over an hour's worth of dictations behind. Stuff that can wait for tomorrow.

Today was the first real snow of the year. Very fine flakes this afternoon, and just before I went in to work, the thick, "lake effect" flakes that I love. When I got home, there was about 3 inches coating the fence and my roof. At this point, it's so clean and somehow magically insulates all of the background noise (although admittedly there's not much at 2 am). The slippery crunch under my sneakers is somewhat therapeutic. I am sure I will be sick of snow soon enough, but right now it's a welcome change.


Chris said...

It snowed in the nearby mountains but not here in the valley:(

Care to send us some?

The Phoenix said...

Will you take some pictures for the girl who has never seen snow fall?