Saturday, January 28, 2006

First and Last Impressions

As for my interview this week, the flight out went well enough-- it left on time, and there was not even a screaming baby to complain about! After I arrived at the airport, I hiked over to the car rental counter and had to keep from jumping up and down for joy when I found out they were all out of the economy cars and would be giving me a free upgrade to either a Kia Rio or an SUV. Being the greedy girl that I am, I went with the SUV… or so I thought. I was a little confused when they pointed me towards a Pontiac Montana. Now take a quick look people-- is this not a minivan? Their website says some crap about a sport van, but whatever. I did end up being grateful for the bigger engine than my originally booked Chevy Aveo as I ended up having a bit of mountain driving to do.

My actual interviews were short, but seemed to go pretty well. I ended up being the only interviewee for the day as the other two students that were scheduled cancelled at the last minute. A resident came up to the office to give me a tour and chat me up a bit during lunch, and that’s when it happened: I totally smacked him in the crotch! I don’t know quite how it happened, but I went to set my folder down on a coffee table and when I stepped back, my entire hand ended up cupping his package. How embarrassing, especially as this was just at the start of my having to spend the whole next hour with him! And let me tell you, this guy was not an easy conversationalist. He was very negative about the location of the program, and kept saying how it was a very busy program, but over the next hour I became convinced that three years there would perhaps not be in my best interest. Why the hell would you pick someone so negative to present your program to new applicants? One of my interviewers had told me the residents had been instructed to be honest about the program, but this was just ridiculous.

At the end of the tour, I was more than ready to get out of there. I had decided that since my minivan had very darkly-tinted rear windows and I’d already checked out of my motel that I’d just slip out of my suit and pantyhose in the car rather than hauling all that stuff into a gas station or restaurant bathroom to change. I thought I had done pretty well too, but after I finished changing I looked up from the backseat out the non-tinted windshield and saw that not only had a bus pulled up to the stop across the street while I was changing, but there was now a bus driver leering at me! He drove off with a big smile on his face, so I guess at least someone had a good morning.

So there you have it: crotch-slapping and stripping in front of a stranger. It was not exactly how I had intended the day to go, but perhaps just as well. At least I am finally officially done with interviews! I have scheduled a second-look at one place that I was really impressed with, but a little hesitant to relocate to. I can start reviewing all of my notes and making a rough-draft of my rank list. If nothing else, it was nice getting away from my current rotation and perhaps worth it for the scenery.


Chris said...

ha ha ha....whew...that is too funny. It reminded me of the sauna scene in Seinfeld where Elaine fakes a stumble into Jerry's girlfriend in order to figure out if "they" were real or fake.

I don't know how the guy could have been so negative either....especially after you copped a feel:)

When I was surfing in the winter, I would change out of my wetsuit in the car too. There were several similar incidents but never with a bus driver.

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Kate said...

Wasn't Seinfeld the greatest show ever?