Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Years in the Making

Every fall I have added new bulbs to the existing ones slumbering in the flowerbeds around my house. I often forget where and what I have buried. For the past year, there have been prominent green leaves next to the front steps. I could not remember what kind of flower they were, but given the size of the leaves, I had great expectations.

A few weeks ago, giant iris blooms appeared out of nowhere that were so heavy that the stalks tipped over to the ground. I guess it takes two years to make an iris, but I think that they are worth the wait.


Chris said...

When the bees start to pollenate the flower, you can call in sick to work without having to lie, explaining that a bee flew into your iris.

OK.....I'm going now:)

Kate said...

Thanks for perverting a perfectly innocent post! So you've got the bees and the flowers.. now where exactly do the birds figure in?

ru said...

Those are beautiful!