Thursday, April 24, 2008

Checks and Balances

"So this was part of a check-off thing tonight, right?" he said, with the last word said with a hopeful lilt.

"Yeah, they've been wanting to meet you for several months now, and I had been blowing them off. But now it's done," I answered.



Army Guy and I were leaving from a dinner with some co-workers and friends. I am still really impressed with AG. He's willing to try new things, and puts up with meeting my friends and co-workers... even the annoying ones. And he shows a lot more restraint in annoying situations than I would if I had training in hand-to-hand combat!

I have told him that he doesn't have to hang out with my friends or even like them, but so far he's been really good in social situations. Even better, is that everyone seems to like him! Maybe I have just dated socially-inept people in the past, but typically I either couldn't even get ex-boyfriends to go out socially with my friends or the few encounters we had were always awkward.

While I pride myself on being pretty independent, it is nice having someone to do things with, talk to at the end of the day, and who pretty much instantly makes you happy just to be around them.


~~Silk said...

Happy is nice, eh?

Chris said...

Sounds like there's a great connection there! It reminds me of how Alexis and I get along:) We make up for each others weaknesses and enhance each others strengths. It's a damn good feeling when you find that!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool :) I like Army Guy. He's pretty awesome.