Saturday, April 07, 2007

...and Another Thing

On my flight out, my tube of toothpaste got confiscated! I know there's the whole 4 oz limit on liquids, but the tube was nearly empty, so I figured they would count the amount of substance present. Apparently, they are more concerned with the size of the container? I don't know how having an 8 oz tube with 1 oz of toothpaste is more of a threat than 4 oz in a smaller tube, but whatever. I didn't even know that toothpaste was officially a liquid, but apparently it is quite the dangerous substance! I also got chastized because my clear plastic bag was not the quart size, but the half-gallon size. I only had about 4 items in there, so they didn't give me too hard of a time about it.


Also, on another street in Manhattan, there were several firetrucks stopped in front of a high rise. As I passed a woman on the street, she asked me for money for food. I was in a hurry, and she was dressed better than I was, so I said "No." Along the way, she said hello to several bystanders as if she knew them personally, and I noticed that she wasn't asking just anyone for money. When I stopped at the next corner to wait for the light, she caught up to me and asked me again for money. I said, "You just asked me for money a minute ago!"

"Well hey, that's good luck!" she replied.

I've never heard of it being good to be hit up by the same panhandler in a few minutes' time, but I sure must look like a sucker. Not only did she select me out as being an easy target once, but twice!


~~Silk said...

I had less than two ounces of hair defrizzer in a six ounce transparent spray bottle, and they made me throw it out. Now, how is less than two ounces in a six ounce bottle different from less than a quart in a four quart bag?

Power thirsty bureaucrats!

Chris said...

She was probably trying to raise money to buy some more toothpaste....she probably had hers confiscated at the airport:)

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