Monday, February 20, 2006


Yeah, I'm still sick. What a waste of a 3-day weekend!

Most of my classmates have gotten sick during rotations during which they're in contact with a lot of ill patients... pediatrics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, etc. As for me, I manage to get sick during rotations where I have little to no patient contact.

Last year there was the food poisoning incident during general surgery. There's nothing quite like fainting during a case to perpetuate a sexist preceptor's misgivings about women in the OR! Then there was gastroenteritis during radiology over the summer, and now the URI from hell during anesthesia. When I start slacking off during easy rotations does my immune system go on holiday as well?

People always say that van Gogh was crazy to take a knife to his ear, but if I could somehow take a razor to the back of my throat and shave off all of the sensory nerves right now, I'd do it.

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Chris said...

My.....I was sick too but I can't say I thought about taking a razor to the back of my throat:)

Maybe your body is trying to tell you that working with sick people makes you sick?

Your passing out thing reminds me of the beginning of the show Quincy MD where all the cops pass out before an autopsy.

Get well soon!!!!